Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time Stands Still in Government Buildings

It appears that time stands still in Government Buildings - despite
all the rock and rolling of the political scene over the past number
of months.

Visitors to the Haughey-inspired great Government Buildings on Merrion
Square are being left somewhat bemused by the official ‘Guide to
Government Buildings’ that is available to all who pass through its

The guide, available in a number of different languages, contains one
glaring error - it still has Bertie Ahern as our Taoiseach.

The guide even has a ‘Welcome to Government Buildings’ from Mr Ahern,
along with a photo that is at least 10 years old!

As readers of this column would know fine well, today marks the first
anniversary of Bertie Ahern’s long goodbye from the Taoiseach’s chair.

It was outside Government Buildings on April 2 that Bertie Ahern
caught the nation on the hop by announcing his resignation.

And so a year has gone by and it seems the powers that be in
Government Buildings are too busy to update their visitor literature.

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