Sunday, April 12, 2009

Patriotic Duty? Talk to the wallet...

Retailers North of the boarder are rubbing their hands with glee at the thoughts of hoards of angry Irish shoppers coming their way.

It was something that the Government wanted to stop – Irish people being ‘unpatriotic’ by travelling a couple of miles up the road to save themselves a small fortune.

But thanks to the Lenihan Lynching on Tuesday, Irish people will have no choice but to get a greater bang for their buck.

As one caller to the Minister on the Pat Kenny Show on Wednesday morning said: “I will become a criminal rather than pay this Government any more in tax,” she said, capturing the mood of a nation in just one line.

Everyone is down a couple of hundred euro thanks to the size of our ‘Structural Deficit’ (a complicated term that simply means the mess left behind by bad political decisions).

And the simple result is people will vote with their feet and their wallets – and head up to Newry to fill their shopping trolleys.

The Government is attempting to reduce its costs and its spending to get its budgets in line.

So how dare they criticise those who are doing the same –families trying to reduce their costs and spending to get their budgets in line.

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