Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mysterious Healy-Raes

What is the story with the once-powerful Healy-Rae political dynasty?

It was the patriarch of the clan, Jackie, that coined the now-famous
phrase ‘Independent Fianna Fail’. He may be Independent by name but he
is Fianna Fail by nature.

When the time comes for the Government to put its Emergency Budget to
the test in the Dail next week, it can be assured of Jackie’s vote.

But the sons of the father don’t appear to be that loyal to the
Government party down in their home turf of South Kerry.

Both Michael and Danny Healy-Rae are both campaigning for June’s local
elections to retain their seats on Kerry County Council.

But they are both campaigning as pure Independents - there isn’t a
sight of a Fianna Fail logo on any of their election literature.

Are they a new mould of Independent or are they trying to keep the
family links to Fianna Fail as low key as possible?

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