Friday, April 17, 2009

Scrooge Kills Santa

Staying on the subject of the budget - after all, it is all people are talking about - Labour’s MEP Proinsias de Rossa used some colourful language during the week to describe the Lenihan Lynching.

Writing on his blog, he said during the boom years some sections of society got used to the Minister for Finance walking into the Chamber on Budget Day ‘wearing a metaphorical Santa Claus beard and red coat, dispensing goodies for developers and investors’.

“Well, we knew that times had changed when Brian Lenihan walked into the Chamber looking like a man on his walk to the guillotine.”

“Rather than Santa Claus, Brian Lenihan did a passable imitation of Scrooge on a bad day, dipping into the pockets of low earners and non-earners, families and children as the Government attempts to pay for some of the excesses of budgets past and capping it all by canceling Christmas for the poor with his mean spirited cutting of the Christmas bonus,” he wrote.

One wonders, has Proinsias been reading too much Charles Dickens of late or are we really living in ‘Hard Times’??!!

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