Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miley Burton v Joan Cyrus

One is a teenage pop sensation and the other is the woman who has
proved to be a thorn in the side of Finance Minister, Brian Lenihan.

But the two - teen idol Miley Cyrus and Labour’s Joan Burton - became
unintentionally intertwined at the weekend due to computer gremlins.

Over 15,000 Miley Cyrus fans got a bit of a shock when they logged
onto the internet on Saturday afternoon expecting to see a live
performance by their teen idol - instead they were faced with Joan
Burton talking about the economy!

For the first year ever, the Labour Party decided to stream its party
conference on so that Labour supporters all over the world
(I am assured there are some) could tune in.

But due to a technical glitch, it seems that the Miley Cyrus concert
got mixed up with Joan’s dulcid tones.

The tweenies in the US certainly got a shock - but it was nothing
compared to the shock some old Labour geezers got when they logged on
to see Miley Cyrus prancing around the place instead of their own Red
Rose, Joan Burton!!

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