Friday, April 17, 2009

Batt-man Gets Wings!

It is nice to see that Martin Cullen’s little mishap with an Aer Corps helicopter in Killarney didn’t detract Education Minister Batt O’Keeffe from using the same mode of transport himself this week.

No matter how powerful Fianna Fail ministers think they are, they still haven’t mastered the art of bi-location, let alone tri-location.

So with three teachers conferences to address in the space of just 24 hours and with those conferences being as far afield as Donegal and Kerry, a little divine inspiration was needed!

So brushing aside any fears that he may have had about doors flying loose and falling into the Lakes of Killarney, Batt the Man jumped on board a helicopter to make the arduous journey from Donegal to Kerry in time to address the ASTI conference.

Thankfully, he had nothing to fear while in the air. It was only when he landed in Killarney that he had to become afraid, very afraid in fact.

But his date with the ASTI teachers passed off without incident. No shoes were thrown and Batt managed to escape unscathed.

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