Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ogra FF Does Have A Heart!

It is not often you can accuse Fianna Fail of having their heart in the right place, but the youngsters in Ogra Fianna Fail certainly do.

They have kick-started an initiative which, if successful, will see all student cards double as Organ Donation Certificates.

The initiative is part of a national campaign by Kerry Senator, the intrepid Mark Daly to set up an organ donation register that ties into the National Vehicle and Driver files.

All student cards will double as Organ Donation Certificates if a new proposal by Ógra Fianna Fáil succeeds.

Ogra’s Vice-chairman Joe O’Neill said many students haven’t had the option to opt to donate their organs by the time they reach college. He said this system will greatly increase the number of people available to donate in Ireland.

Ogra will now be rallying support for the campaign from the USI, who will be discussing the campaign at its upcoming annual congress.

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