Thursday, March 26, 2009

C - The Brian Cowen Story

We have had the movie ‘W’ by Oliver Stone, chronicling the rollercoaster life and times of George W. Bush.

So for your YouTube fancy this week, we have the movie ‘C’ - The Brian Cowen Story (or how Ollie Stone may have envisaged it if he were to direct it)

Directed by Derek O’Connor and Ian Whelan, it is a five minute long trailer taking YouTube by storm.

Featuring caricatures of Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan (as a vampire with dark circles under his eyes) and an hilarious Willie O’Dea - it has already received over 3,000 hits and it has only been online for just a week.

Maybe the popularity is down to a cameo appearance by UK Apprentice reject, the glamourous Jennifer Maguire - as Mary Harney!!!

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