Thursday, March 26, 2009

Libertas - Phone A Friend??

Fancy playing a cruel joke on a friend? Then nominate them to run for Libertas in the European elections!!

The European elections are just over three months away, but Libertas is calling on supporters to either nominate themselves or to nominate a friend to run for the party when the European gravy train pulls into the station to take on new passengers.

“While the other parties rely on the same old politicians with the same old, tired ideas - we want YOU to run. We need real people with fresh ideas, not out-of-touch elites,” say Libertas in its latest news update.

“That is where you come in. Here is your chance to become a candidate, or nominate someone you know to be a candidate, to join our movement,” the group says.

Has Libertas been watching too many repeats of Who Wants to be a Millionaire that they came up with the ‘phone a friend’ idea?

So for those of you who fancy a bit of devilment - or those who are actually serious - just log on to and you or a friend could be in with a chance of winning a first class seat on the gravy train.

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