Friday, March 13, 2009

Dail Reform

‘Banging head’ and ‘brick wall’ are two phrases that come to mind any time that a call for Dail Reform is made.

And it seems the archaic parliamentary procedures still in place are causing huge frustration among TDs.

Fine Gael’s David Stanton is the latest TD to call for Dail reform.

“Two measures could be introduced immediately. One would be to allow TDs to raise topical matters on a daily basis. This is currently permitted in the Seanad but TDs have to invoke the archaic Standing Order 32 in order to raise a matter.”

Adjournment Debates are the only opportunity for TDs to debate an important matter with a Government Minister, according to Deputy Stanton.

“But the Government treats these debates with contempt, rolling out inexperienced and largely powerless junior Ministers who refuse to engage in a genuine argument and read out their response from a prepared script.”

“This is ridiculous, as we might as well be swapping emails,” he said.

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