Thursday, March 5, 2009

FF 'Celebs' Thin On The Ground

When your loyal party members travel from all four corners of Ireland to attend your Ard Fheis, the least they deserve is a bit of face time with the party ‘celebs’.

This little bit of face time goes a long way as they can tell their friends and neighbours when they go home that they ‘had a chat’ with so and so at the Ard Fheis.

But some of the party faithful were left disappointed during the FF-festivities at City West on Saturday night as the well-known faces were thin on the ground.

In one function room, for example, there were up to 400 revellers enjoying a bit of live music.

And the only two TDs to make the effort to mingle for any length of time were Mayo TD Dara Calleary and Defence Minister Willie O’Dea.

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Blogmaster said...

Poor show! There will be even less of these celebs on March 17th to mingle with their own.