Friday, March 13, 2009

Cycling Around The Bend!

Headless chickens, that’s what they all are. They couldn’t even organise a drinking spree in a brewery.

And when it comes to the Cycle to Work scheme, the Department of Finance seems to have buried their heads in the sand.

To be fair, the Department of Finance has bigger fishes to fry at the moment and they can be forgiven for not giving their full attention to the Cycle to Work scheme, which was introduced this year following last October’s budget.

But Labour’s Mary Upton said this lack of action proves that not only does Finance Minister Brian Lenihan fall down when it comes to the big issues, but he also falls down on the smaller matters.

“This was one of the measures in the Budget that had the Green Party jumping up and down with excitement, but their failure to bring this most modest of proposals to fruition means that not even Green Party staff in Leinster House can avail of the scheme,” she said.

“This is an indication as to how serious they are taken by their Fianna Fail colleagues.”

The scheme doesn’t cost a lot of money to implement but now, more than ever, is the time for the Department to just get on with it and introduce it.

With an emergency budget around the corner and hikes expected in the cost of petrol, surely that is the biggest incentive for people to get on their bikes.

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