Thursday, February 25, 2010

Someone will turnip to fill the void, lettuce hope...

A TD, a Senator, a Minister and a Junior Minister – all we need now is a head of state or a head of Government and we will have a royal flush of resignations.

Will the madness ever stop or could this be the clearest indication yet that a general election could be on the cards sooner than we thought?

This time last year, the Government had been written off but it survived the major hurdles of the Lisbon Treaty and the Budget.

January arrived and there was a spring in the step of the Government while Fine Gael slouched around, resigned to the fact that they would be in opposition for another while yet.

But after the quadruple whammy of George Lee, Deirdre de Burca, Willie O’Dea and Trevor Sargent – it’s anyone’s bet as to what will happen next.

As soon as Sargent’s position became untenable on Tuesday afternoon, the wags and twitterers were at it in full force.

King of the Tweets Dan Boyle gave an early indication in the day when he tweeted that Tuesday should have been about introducing Mark Dearey (new Green Senator) to the Seanad.

“Too many conflicting emotions,” he tweeted.

By the time Trevor had announced his resignation, the King of the Tweets was on the ball again – “We’re hurting. At least Trevor’s quiet dignity helps’.

But to online political wags, they had their own take on the controversy.

“To lose one Minister, Mr Cowen, may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two Ministers looks like carelessness,” wrote one on the political website

Another, on the same site, remarked: “Revenge is a dish best served cold – Mathilde, 1841. Revenge is a dish best served feckin hot straight away with some spuds and tae – Fianna Fail 2010”.

But the comment of the day relating to Sargent’s departure was: “Someone will turnip to fill the void, lettuce hope. Someone who has bean there, dung that.”

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