Thursday, February 4, 2010

Batt Spells It Out For Fine Gael

Saucer of milk for Education Minister Batt O' Keeffe who has told Fine Gael that they must try harder when it comes to spelling!!!

To be fair to Fine Gael, they are a more than capable tag-team when it comes to all matters educational – just as the Minister is when Fine Gael starts criticising them!

So the claws were well and truly out earlier this week when Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes issued a press release giving out about the slow rate of school building last year.

The only problem with the release was – the Minister’s name was spelled incorrectly, O’Keefe as opposed the correct O’Keeffe.

And that was all the ammunition that Batt needed in his statement on the issue.

“Finally, Minister O’Keeffe urged Deputy Hayes to show example by taking more care with spelling, pointing out that his press office consistently spells his name with one ‘f’,” the statement read.

There’s only one ‘f’ in Fine Gael but two in O’Keeffe!!

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