Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Joke's On You, George!

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away!

Expect the jokes about George Lee fleeing the blueshirts to start flying about quicker than Charlie Bird’s stint in Washington.

Here’s a few to get you started:

RTE have created a new Reality Show starring Charlie Bird and George Lee – it’s called ‘Celebrity Big Baby’!

Charlie Bird and George Lee are to guest star in the blockbusting TV series ‘Lost’ – playing themselves!

George Lee is returning to RTE and has already been given a primetime TV slot juggling numbers – he will be the new host of Telly Bingo!

The Fine Gael party now know what it is like to live in Cork during bad weather – they know how it feels when the Lee bursts its banks.

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