Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cookie Monster Barry Andrews!

‘A love in’ – that is how one political wag described the launch of the final report into the proposed constitutional amendment on the rights of the child earlier this week.

For those in the dark, it is basically the final wording for a proposed referendum which will acknowledge and protect the rights of children.

The Joint Committee on the Constitutional Amendment on Children was headed up by Ireland’s national treasure, Deputy Mary O’Rourke.

It seems for the few minutes that this report was being launched, there was all-party unity, with everyone of all political hues gushing on how there was agreement across the board.

And the love-in was even represented in the refreshments available – chocolate chip cookies (a far cry from the digestives and custard creams we have become accustomed to!)

Some just couldn’t get enough of the cookies – Children’s Minister Barry Andrews was spotted leaving the launch munching his way through one!

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