Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Peter's Sake, RTE!

Hell hath no fury like a Fianna Fail TD irked – well such is the case
with Longford TD Peter Kelly.

It seems that Peter is annoyed that George Lee will be able to ‘step straight back into a plum job in RTE’ after just eight months as a TD.

“I find this completely unbelievable, particularly in the current economic climate,” he said.

“The system whereby other people like teachers, barristers, etc return to their jobs after their time on a career break is over is well established and there are good reasons for it.

"But it is different with RTE. They are supposed to be imparting the news in an independent, dispassionate and detached fashion. To have a revolving door, as seems to be the case for some individuals, is hardly right.

“If people leave RTE to enter politics they should not be able to flit back in the door if they cannot cope,” the Longford legend said.

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