Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Mad About Politics

Happy Birthday to – the well-known website that we now definitively know is home to a certain number of loons!

The political discussion site was set up by entrepreneur David Cochrane seven years ago and has mushroomed into an anonymous who’s who of all in the political world.

TDs and Ministers are known to read the site (and contribute, anonymously of course) and it is the front line of defence, spin and rumour mongering for many political parties.

But it seems the site is now preventing new users from registering.

“The simple truth is that there are a handful of people who are registering account after account after account in order to troll, send abusive private messages and game the site in any way they can,” Cochrane wrote on the site.

“As with all political discourse, we’ve attracted our fair share of loons who just don’t want to play nice.”

Loons abusively writing about politics? Who’d have thought!!

1 comment:

Dan Sullivan said...

Just to clarify, the loons reference isn't necessarily a sound medical diagnosis. They're just people who are behaving like 'loons', they could be well adjusted people when it comes to matters outside of politics.