Friday, March 26, 2010

All work and no play for FG's Leo

The boys and girls of Leinster House are back to work this week after their Paddy’s Day beanos around the world.

But while the Government Globetrotters were busy drowning the shamrock, hob-nobbing with the elite and flying business class so as not to stress them out too much, some politicians were actually (shock horror!) working.

Drum roll please for Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar who was so diligent during his Paddy’s Day break that he actually kept a detailed diary of all the work he did.

“We will hear all the usual stuff about the TDs being back from their 11 day holiday. Actually, we only missed three sitting days and one was a public holiday,” Leo wrote on his website.

“Nonetheless, I do think that my constituents have a right to know what I was doing. It wasn’t a busy week but I still had lots of work to do.”

So here is a bit of Leo Varadkar’s Diary!

Friday, March 12 - 8.5 hours. Leinster House. Press Statement and interviews on Aer Lingus dispute, Business network lunch in town. Returned phone calls and emails.

Saturday, February 13 - 8.5 hours. Constituency day. Canvass, meeting re development plan, attended two charity functions in Rolestown and Blakestown.

Sunday, March 14 - zero hours. Chilling (well he is entitled to that!)

Monday, March 15 - 6.5 hours. Visited a school, office work, staff meeting, replied to emails and prepared a mailing.

Tuesday, March 16 0 1.5 hours. Returned calls and office work. Mostly spent the day shopping. Needed a new suit.

Wednesday, March 17 - 7 hours. Meeting, Prepared speech for Fine Gael National Conference. Replied to emails. Prepared a Dail motion and press statement.

Thursday, March 18 - 6 hours. Emails, phone calls, wrote a speech, traveled to Kerry.

Friday, March 19 - 7 hours. Fine Gael National Conference in Killarney. Prepared media with press office. Met business people from South Kerry. Attended opening session of conference.

Saturday, March 20 - 11 hours. Still in Killarney. Attended conference, participated in three sessions, Newstalk morning show and RTE Saturday View.

Sunday, March 21 - 4 hours. Prepared a mailing. Wrote this blog.

Monday, March 22 - 8 hours. Pat Kenny on RTE Radio, office work, prepare for constituency AGM and attend it.

Total - 68 hours over 6 working days = 11.3 hours a day.

A gold star for Leo Varadkar I think!

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