Thursday, April 1, 2010

TDs fluff their lines!

There seems to have been a bit if a case of verbal dyslexia going around the corridors of power this week.

It all started with Fianna Fail’s Ned O’Keeffe, who was interviewed by RTE on Monday about his objections to bailing out AIB.

But instead of calling the back by its proper name (AIB), Nedser inadvertently christened it ABI.

Then, just a day later, Fine Gael’s Billy Timmins caught the verbal bug when quizzing Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin in the Dail.

Instead of saying Ryanair – about which he was speaking – he instead decided to call Michael O’Leary’s outfit ‘Air Ryan’.

He quickly realised his mistake and put it down to a Freudian slip.

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