Thursday, April 15, 2010

Electric Nonsense

Energy, Communications and Natural Resources Minister Eamon Ryan has rolled out his pet project at last - electric cars!

It is a well known fact that any Green invention or policy will be an expensive one (just look at the lightbulbs!) and these cars are no exception.

Now while aiming to switch to cleaner and cheaper power is laudable, it is bonkers in the extreme to introduce them with no proper back-up and research.

Eamon tells us that charging points will be set up at 60km intervals along the roads of Ireland by the ESB.

How in God’s name do they expect to do that when at present it is impossible to get a refill of petrol let alone a cup of coffee along Ireland’s improving motorway network?

As we know, service areas are non-existent (and not allowed) along the motorways. Will a special exemption be made for these electric Matchbox cars that Eamon is plugging?

Ryan himself said on Primetime on Tuesday that mobile phones will be able to tell people where the nearest charging station is.

What will the Gardai say about this? Using your mobile while behind the wheel of a car is illegal.

There is no doubt that cleaner energy is the way of the future but can the Irish Government afford to be spending in the region of €40m to get this project off the ground at the moment?

Campaigners will argue that using electricity is the cheapest way to get from A to B. But it is also the most time-consuming.

Imagine trekking down to Kerry for a weekend – drive 150km, leaving the motorway to find a charging station, ‘fast charge’ for 30 minutes, get back on the motorway, drive another 150 km, try and find another charging station…..

It would be quicker to fly to New York!

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