Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary Gets A Mauling From Leo The Lion

The occasional Warrior of the Week award this time goes to Fine Gael’s young buck Leo Varadkar for his full frontal attack on Tanaiste Mary Coughlan in the Dail on Tuesday.

Never one to mince his words, Varadkar wasted no time in putting it to the Tanaiste that she was basically an embarrassment, putting it to her that she brings a ‘cringe factor’ and makes ‘vulgar comments’ during trade missions overseas.

Fighting talk from the young blueshirt, but something that has been on the tip of many people’s tongues over the past two years.

Needless to say Coughlan – who has been tagged with the nickname ‘Sweary Mary’ – was not one to take those comments lying down and directed her own missile across the Dail chamber to Varadkar.

“Political charges of that nature perhaps show the ineptitude of some in the Opposition who cannot prove that on this side of the House and the political charges are ones which I may take from the Deputy but not from others,” she said.

Her response was not cringe-worthy and it wasn’t vulgar but this
battle of wits may not yet be over!

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