Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Bird Swoops and lands his prey!

This is the moment that intrepid RTE Washington Correspondent Charlie Bird finally landed his prey in the Oval Office.

Journalists on the day were under strict instructions not to ask US President Barack Obama any questions following his bilateral meeting with Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

But always one with a nose for a story, White House rules were not going to stop our Charlie.

Charlie was ideally positioned to swoop in for his prey during the press conference in the Oval Office - he was on his knees in front of President Obama holding a long microphone for RTE.

So as Cowen and Obama rose at the end of the press conference, Charlie politely reached out and shook the president's hand.

And he wasn't going to let his micro-second face time with the leader of the free world go to waste - so he threw a question at him.

"You will need the luck of St Patrick to pass your healthcare reform. If it passes, will you be coming to Ireland to thank St Patrick?" the Bird asked.

His question was greeted with stiff hilarity by both Obama and Cowen, with Obama asking our Charlie if he had a vote in the House.

But it didn't matter what the President said - Charlie got his question in while other journalists had to be happy to just stand by and watch.

It goes to prove that even the power of the White House cannot stop Charlie Bird from landing his prey!

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