Thursday, March 4, 2010

Howling At The Moon!

There is a nervous tension along the corridors of power at the moment – nobody knows quite what to expect as each new day dawns.

But one oracle who may be able to assist in all of the uncertainty is Labour’s astronomer-in-chief Kathleen Lynch.

With four political power-houses gone in the last month (well, three and a half – Deirdre de Burca could hardly be described as a power-house), is there something in the stars that can indicate when the next axe will fall?

Just ask Kathleen, who jokes that the ‘full moon’ is responsible for all of the political uncertainty.

So the next time you see a full moon in the sky, start placing your bets on who will be next.

For Kathleen’s sake, let’s hope it isn’t a member of the Labour Party as they are the only ones to have escaped unscathed by the recent turmoil!

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