Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pope Micheal??

Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin has been using some divine inspiration to support his diplomatic offensive to tell the world that ‘Ireland is open for business’.

The Minister and his diplomats used their influence to bring their message into the hallowed pages of the Vatican’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano – where column inches are normally reserved for the messages and daily engagements of the Pope!

In between reports of statements from bishops, a message from Pope Benedict on the digital age and reports of the Pontiff’s recent visit to Malta is an article by Minister Martin outlining Irish measures to meet the economic challenge.

The Minister tells how the Government here is working to stabilise the economy

He finishes by telling readers ‘the global economy is improving and we are confident that we will take advantage of the upturn’.

But it is not just readers in the Vatican that have been receiving Micheal’s message – similar articles have appeared in newspapers across the globe over the past month, in areas such as the US, Asia, Australia and the Arab World.

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