Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adams has Alastair in a spin!

The spat between Sky’s Adam Boulton and Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell created such a tizzy that it has been granted ‘gate’ status – BoultonGate.

Campbell is a formidable character and one would have to be either very brave or have a death wish to get into any type of disagreement with him.

But it is nice to know that Irish affairs are never too far from the spinning mind of Campbell.

Just after he returned from a 24 hour visit to Dublin to appear on the Late Late Show last Friday night, Alastair had to admit himself to hospital for an operation on his nose.

No – it was not Boulton’s revenge, it was something that had been scheduled for quite a while.

The operation required a general anaesthetic and anyone who has undergone one will know a myriad of things flash through your mind in the seconds leading up to knockout.

So what was going through Alastair’s mind? Giving Adam Boulton a wedgie in the Sky dressing rooms? Orchestrating a divorce between Cameron and Clegg? No!

His last thought before going under anaesthetic was – ‘sorting a row between (Gerry) Adams and (Martin) McGuinness’!!

Give me a general anaesthetic any day!

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