Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dail Twitterati

The Dail Twitterati really outshone themselves this week as they get to grips with the social media phenomenon that is sweeping the globe.

First off we learned from Labour’s Liz McManus (pictured) that she narrowly avoided death by Ministerial car.

“Almost knocked down last Friday by Eamon Ryan in his big ministerial car. To save the planet, I was walking to work. I’ll take a bus next time,” she tweeted.

And then Green TD Paul Gogarty used the electronic media to voice his views on Cardinal Sean Brady’s decision to remain on as Primate of All-Ireland.

“It’s rare for an Oireachtas member to resign from any post without huge pressure. But if Cardinal Brady was a TD, he would be gone ages ago,” he tweeted.

But the cruellest tweet of the week came from the Green Party itself.

The party was thrilled to mark its 1,000th tweet and was hoping for something big to mark it.

“Hoped to have something epic for our 1,000th tweet, but great will have to do,” the party tweeted before plugging Green TD Ciaran Cuffe’s blog.

Ciaran is one of the most prolific tweeters and bloggers in politics.

But it seems the Greens have adopted the Eamon Dunphy attitude to all things in life – ‘it is a good blog, not a great blog’!!

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