Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cowen's priorities

Last Friday, everyone’s world was rocked by the shock sudden death of Gerry Ryan - a mountain of a man with a mountain of a personality.

But on the same day, 900 Quinn workers were told that they would be losing their jobs in areas of Ireland that can least afford to lose them.

Within minutes of the formal announcement of Gerry Ryan’s death, Taoiseach Brian Cowen had summonsed the cameras in to give his own tribute.

But there was no sight nor sound of him in Cavan or Meath or Enniskillen or Blanchardstown.

It shows where his priorities lie.

While the Taoiseach's office has been quick to point out to this columnist that Cowen addressed the issue of the Quinn job losses last Friday while in Carlow, one has to ask - why wasn't he in Cavan or Meath or Blanchardstown?

Why did he travel to Carlow to announce 50 jobs on a day that 900 were being lost in the Quinn Group?

Again, it shows where his priorities lie.

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Anonymous said...

Cowen, O'Keeffe, and Brendan Smith are all too cowardly to show their faces in Cavan, Navan, Blanchardstown or O'Connell Street. They are there is the good times for the photo ops but run for cover when the going gets tuff. And announcing that they will help to pick up the pieces and help upskill some of the most skilled employees in the border region just adds insult to injury to staff facing redundancy.