Friday, June 12, 2009

Sean Kelly - a pole toppler!

Fine Gael’s new MEP Sean Kelly may not have topped the poll in Ireland South at the weekend - but he did topple off a pole while waiting for the votes to be counted!

The genial former GAA President Sean Kelly was at a bit of a loose end on Saturday morning - the votes had been cast but counting wasn’t due to start until the following morning.

So he decided to make good use of his spare time - by taking down his election posters in the Killarney suburbs.

So off he went, ladder in tow, and set about his work.

But an unfortunate slip put paid to his efforts early on.

Now, rule number one when you are using a ladder is - be REALLY careful what you put it up against. A pole isn’t the best or most secure place to start!

Sean may not have known that at the time, but he certainly knows it now.

No sooner had he climbed up the ladder - a lofty 15 feet - the ladder slipped and off fell Sean, head over heels, onto the ground.

Thankfully, he landed in a ditch which managed to break his fall and as a result he miraculously escaped any injury.

Shaken, but not stirred, Kelly decided to focus his attentions for the rest of his weekend on the mammoth count in Cork.

Now that he has won a seat, he can look forward to a bruising career in European politics!

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