Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's all in a name!

Masterly Media Presence? Laugh Cry Moan? Beware Chaos Inaction? Who on
earth could I be talking about?

It has been a quiet week on the Corridors of Power but that hasn’t
stopped some keen politics watchers from using their down time to put
a smile on the face of many a gloomy Government backbencher.

Our pals over at have been using their time constructively
and have come up with some very apt - and hilarious - anagrams for our

Masterly Media Presence is a very appropriate anagram for President
Mary McAleese while Mary Coughlan might no be too chuffed with hers -
Laugh Cry Moan!

Taoiseach Brian Cowen translates into Beware Chaos Inaction and Bertie
Ahern could otherwise be known as Here I Banter.

The contributors to the website have really struck gold with their
anagram skills - Jackie Healy Rae becomes A Jar Ye Each Like while the
Green’s Dan Boyle becomes Boney Lad!

Trevor Sargent may be a bit wary of his anagram - Restart Govern -
while Noel Dempsey can chose between two anagrams - Speedy Lemon or My
Dense Pole!!!

But the gold medal goes jointly to the two geniuses who figured out
that Financial Regulator is an anagram for Ritual Loaning Farce and
the National Asset Management Agency is an anagram for Alas, Money In
A Stagnant Cement Age!!!

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