Friday, June 12, 2009

The Ringmaster Strikes Again

Fine Gael’s Michael Ring is fast becoming the Michelle Obama of Leinster House!

Since becoming First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama has become renowned for her relationship with kids during school visits around the country.

She is warm and fuzzy and does not engage in formal handshakes – Michelle is all about hugs, pats on the back and fist-bumps.

And so onto Michael Ring – he certainly had shades of Mrs Obama’s warm and fuzzy style when a group of kids from Lankhill National School in Westport came to Leinster House on a day trip on Tuesday.

As the kids gathered outside the House for their school picture, Michael – their local TD – was treated like a mini-celebrity when he came down to greet them.

It started with handshakes and soon moved on to back-pats and hugs as all the kids wanted a piece of the colourful Mayo man.

The Ringmaster of Fine Gael was even being targeted for autographs by the kids of Lankhill.

Fine Gael are past masters of turning celebrities into politicians. Now it seems they are mastering the art of turning politicians in to celebrities – in the eyes of the great kids from Westport anyway!

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