Friday, June 12, 2009

Eamon a site for sore eyes

Poor Eamon Gilmore – his luck had to run out sometime, right?

While he is riding high on great success and gains following the local and European elections, it seems that he hasn’t been as successful as others in the looks department.

Let’s get one thing straight here – Eamon Gilmore is one of the better looking men roaming the corridors of power in Leinster House!

But how can he compare with what some have termed the ‘Labour Lovlies’ who got themselves elected last week?

My spies tell me that new Labour councillor Maria Parodi’s photo was viewed on the Labour Party website about 250 times on Monday alone.

And also chalking up high numbers was newly elected Labour councillor Rebecca Moynihan.

The equivalent numbers of hits on photos of Eamon Gilmore was just 5!

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