Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tweety Pie

Politicians will claim to have many friends and fans throughout the world but young buck Senator Paschal Donohue really does take the biscuit!

The young Dub pup has taken to bragging on his website that Barack Obama is ‘following’ him!!

Now just in case you think Barack has turned into a stalker or that poor Paschal is having some temporary paranoia - he means the new US President is following him on Twitter.

Twitter, for the uninitiated, is an internet version of constant text messaging commentary. As if email, text messaging, blogging and the like were not enough - our politicians have taken to this hugely annoying form of self-publicity.

If you Twitter, you are actually tweeting, according to my Twitter expert! That make young Donohue the Tweeter-in-Chief or Tweety Bird of Leinster House.

And just so that everyone knows about the Obama stalking of young Donohue, he has proudly displayed it on his website for all to see.

“Twitter really is powerful,” Tweety Bird Donoghue writes.

“Just received an email from it (Twitter) to say that Barack Obama is ‘following’ me. Thought he had better things to do - global credit crunch, two wars and so on.”

That’s gratitude for ya!!

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