Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fianna Fail 'Insurance'!

In these bleak economic times, it is not unusual for people to diversify and focus their interests elsewhere.

I suppose that's why Fianna Fail has chosen to diversify into the world of insurance – yes, I kid you not, insurance.

The soldiers of destiny have shown that they are well able to think outside the box when it comes to saving a few bob.

And that is why they have launched their very own Fianna Fail Insurance Package – starting with the delivery of Fianna Fail home insurance.

Sure, we may be mortgaged up to the hilt and we may be drowning in negative equity, but if you are a member of Fianna Fail you can avail of the special terms and conditions of this new Home Insurance package.

According to the Fianna Fail website, this package is 'only available to our members'.

"This package of specially negotiated insurance products will be available through our preferred providers BHP Insurance," the website proclaims.

"We would encourage you all to compare your existing home insurance against the enhanced product and competitive premium available through the scheme," they tell us.

So forget about the falling value of your home, forget about wondering how you are going to meet the mortgage every month, forget about impending job losses and pay freezes – at least your home insurance will be taken care of.

But buyer beware – you will have to join Fianna Fail if you want a slice of the cake!

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