Thursday, January 29, 2009

Political Potholes

It was a case of life imitating politics – or in his own words a 'bad car day' - for poor Labour Senator Dominic Hannigan recently.

The Meath Senator spent the afternoon canvassing around Rathfeigh with local election candidate Eileen Drew talking to people about the problems in the area.

A big cause of concern for many of the locals were the size of the potholes in the area – some as big as trenches.

"Just a few hours later I was coming back from a meeting in Trim and I hit a similar trench on the far side of Kentstown. Once I hit it, I knew that I had done the wheels in."

"I managed to crawl into Kentstown and left the car there overnight. On Saturday, I arranged for a tow to a garage in Duleek and got both front types replaced at a cost of €300."

"It really is infuriating when this happens to you - the Council needs to get their act together in dealing with the resurfacing of local roads."

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