Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time for a laugh

There is so much depressing news doing the rounds at the moment, here is a little bit of light relief to keep the spirits up!

Gordon Brown, Barack Obama and Brian Cowen all die on the same day. Being important people, they are brought to see God when they arrive in Heaven.

Gordon Brown asked God: “Britain faces many challenges - racism, the economy and war. How long until these problems are sorted?”

God replies: “20 years”. Gordon starts to cry as he will not get any credit when the troubles are solved.

Barack Obama asked: “America is in a lot of trouble with the occupation of Iraq, the credit crunch and unemployment. How long until these problems are solved?”

God says: “50 years”. Obama starts crying as he realises his grandchildren will still face the same problems.

Brian Cowen approaches and asks: “Ireland is in trouble with job losses, the banking crisis, a fall in popularity of the Government, a property crash, disappearing pension reserves as well as the economy. How long until these are sorted?”

God starts to cry!

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