Friday, June 18, 2010

Probably.....the best implosion in the world!

Carlsberg don’t do political party implosions – but if they did, no doubt they would learn a little something from Fine Gael.

It has been all excitement in Leinster House over the past two days and the only smiles around the corridors of power are on the faces of Fianna Fail TDs.

As Tuesday arrived, all talk was about the Fine Gael front bench meeting at which Camp Bruton was going to stare down Camp Kenny to see who would go cross-eyed first.

As the media gathered along the plinth wondering what was going on, there was plenty of secret shuffling from other party members eager to get the inside scoop on the fate of Fine Gael.

As Bruton’s Gang Of Nine spoke to reporters on the plinth to explain their support for the former Finance spokesman, Fianna Fail’s Noel O’Flynn was lurking in the background giving a running commentary on the proceedings to someone on the end of a phone.

TDs driving in slowed down to see what was happening and to get a handle on which way the wind was blowing. Political staffers were busy texting their masters with the latest word.

Within minutes of the Gang of Nine speaking, it was time for Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin to take to the plinth but for a different reason altogether.

Fine Gael might have its own secret service, but his reason for being there was about another secret service – Mossad, to be precise.

While he said nothing about the implosion of the Fine Gael party, I’m sure the little devil on his shoulder was having a good laugh at the political circus that was playing out around him.

Tuesday was supposed to be ‘Get Cowen’ Day in the Dail but instead it turned into a political pantomime. The man claiming to have no confidence in Cowen actually had a party with little confidence in him.

Last week, the country was up in arms about the banking reports, the week before it was politicians’ expenses. This week is the implosion of the Fine Gael party.

It goes to prove the old adage – a week certainly is a long time in politics.

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