Friday, June 18, 2010

Cowen's Pride and Joy!

He may not have an All-Ireland medal, but that didn’t stop Taoiseach Brian Cowen from taking centre stage at Croke Park this week.

The occasion was the presentation of the first synthetic hurley to ever be used to the GAA Museum.

The Cultec hurley, which has been designed ‘to bring consistency to the game’, made history when three of the All-Ireland champs from Offaly’s junior camogie team took to the Croke Park pitch with a Cultec hurley.

And with the mere mention of Co Offaly - the hurleys are also made there - it was no wonder that Cowen hotfooted it down to Croker.

And so he might - it might be the only chance Offaly will get centre stage there again for some time!

“For most followers of Gaelic games, there is nothing to beat the sense of joy and pride felt at seeing one’s own county colours in this hallowed place,” he said.

‘Joy’ and ‘Pride’ - two words that one would not associate with Brian Cowen!

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