Thursday, June 24, 2010

Charlie's World Cup Blog

One Fianna Fail TD is trying to bring a bit of ‘light relief’ to the serious political debate that has been around for months by writing his own World Cup Blog on the party’s website.

Dublin South West TD Charlie O’Connor has become the Eamon Dunphy of Leinster House with his soon to be regular analysis of all things World Cup related.

His first instalment went up on the Fianna Fail website yesterday and needless to say, the French defeat is his main talking point.

He gives us his views on the behind-the-scenes drama in the Franch soccer camp, the rows with the manager and the rows among the players.

“It’s been utterly bizarre – you really couldn’t make it up,” Charlie O’Connor writes.

“However badly we all felt after being knocked out because of that infamous Thierry Henry handball in Paris last November, the Franch have had more kharma coming their way than the entire series of ‘My Name Is Earl’.”

“They’ve been the story of the World Cup so far and the whole affair will surely leave its mark on French football for some time to come,” the political/sports pundit said.

“I never thought Irish politics would have much of an impact on the World Cup in South Africa, but with all these heaves against leaders going on, Fine Gael have clearly started a trend.”

“I hope Fine Gael have the same kind of future coming their way as that other blue shirted side, the French!”


Brendan Grehan said...

One would think that Mr O'Connor should be spending more time serving the people of his constituency rather than blogging on the association football.

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