Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes He CAN!

It seems that not even a young fella with a few cans of Bulmers on board can stop the unflappable political oracle of RTE, David Davin Power.

The veteran Pol Corr - known to all as DDP - is a familiar face in the sitting rooms of Ireland as he analyses and dissects the news of the day from Leinster House.

But the real test of his expertise lies in how he can deal with interruptions while reporting live on TV.

First of all there was that hilarious incident at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis earlier this year when he was surrounded by what looked like a group of zombies as he reported live on the 9pm news.

That has become an unlikely hit on YouTube with over 45,000 hits so far.

In fact, a new version of this has appeared on YouTube with a voice over by legendary Top of the Pops presenter Noel Edmonds and a cameo appearance by Status Quo!

But the latest zombie to dare to interrupt DDP was a hapless young fella laden down with cans of Bulmers live on Monday night’s news.

As DDP was reporting on the latest travails of John O’Donoghue during a questions and answers segment with news anchor Eileen Dunne, along came the young fan and raised his can of Bulmers to the nation.

“How’zt goin’?” the young fella said to a slightly bemused looking DDP.

But the oracle was not for flapping - “There you go”, he said to the young fella as he wandered off into the sunset with his arms laden with cans of booze.

“Just carry on there Eileen, sorry about that slight interruption,” he said as he continued with his report.

The incident created quite a few laughs, with Green TD Ciaran Cuffe even tweeting about it to the world.

“I had the sound on mute, but DDP appeared to play a blinder there,” Cuffe tweeted.

Well for those who didn’t see it, the RTE Political Oracle certainly did play a blinder!

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