Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing the waiting game?

One is a man who is rarely off our TV screens, who is quick with a put down and who would love to have the ultimate job in his field.

The other is US TV chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

It has been noted on line that there is a more than a passing resemblance between Kimmel and the Pit Bull of the Fine Gael front bench Leo Varadkar.

But it seems the pair have more in common than a resemblance.

Kimmel is waiting for the great dame of TV chat shows - David Letterman - to retire so he can make himself at home on the Late Show.

And maybe Varadkar is waiting for the Count of Castlebar to disappear in the same puff of smoke as the Seanad so he can make himself at home in the hot seat of Fine Gael?

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