Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little Lisbon Lunacy!

It is almost all over now - bar the shouting.

In less than 24 hours time, polls will open and with a bit of luck we will be rid of the Lisbon Treaty for good and glory.

What did the poor citizens of the lovely Portuguese city of Lisbon ever do to deserve the cross of the Lisbon Treaty hanging around its neck.

How will the city ever try and rebuild its tourism business when all Irish people associate it with mind-numbing boredom?

Now that the campaign has come to an end - and it was a colourful at times - the young upstarts in Ogra Fianna Fail decided to try and have the last laugh with the anti-Treaty group Coir.

The lads and lassies from Ogra has awarded Coir with the prize for the Most Outrageous Lie of the Lisbon Campaign and the Coir monkey ‘Bananas’ was on hand to collect the prize.

They presented a cheque for €8.65 - the real minimum hourly wage in Ireland - to Coir for their ‘bananas’ lie that the Lisbon Treaty would result in a lowering of the minimum wage.

Despite plenty of competition on the No side of the debate, Ogra felt any other choice would just be ‘monkeying around’ after seeing the Coir posters.

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