Thursday, May 21, 2009

Political Babyface!

It has long been said that politics is ‘show business for ugly people’ and judging by some of the election posters blotting the landscape at the moment, never a truer word has been said.

But one local election candidate has taken a novel approach to asking for people to vote for him - substituting his photo for a photo of him when he was just three years of age!!

Cllr Niall ‘Botty’ O’Callaghan has been an Independent member of Killarney Town Council for the past five years and is going for re-election on June 5.

Botty’s fan base spreads far and wide - thanks in no small part to the fact that he has been one of Kerry’s most popular faces for the past decade and the fact that he has made some splash since dipping his toe in the political waters.

In last weekend’s Killarney Advertiser, Botty (no, I’m not being rude or disrespectful - that is what he has been known as for years) placed an ad calling on the people of Killarney to vote for him.

And the ad certainly caught the attention of many - bearing the simple message ‘Vote for Me - I haven’t changed...” under an adorable photo of a young Botty in a pair of short trousers and wellies.

While most people knew at first glance that it was Botty in the picture - others were left wondering and even went to the trouble of phoning the offices of the Killarney Advertiser to find out who was the cute little lad in the ad.

When asked about his unusual choice of campaign advertising, Botty simply replied: “It is true - I haven’t changed.”

“The ad did catch a lot of people by surprise. A lot recognised me straight away. More put one and one together and when they saw the word ‘Independent’ on the ad, they realised it was me.”

“But there were others who didn’t have a clue and were phoning the Advertiser to find out who it was. It was the talk of the town,” he said.

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