Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gloomy Election Betting

If the elections bore you to tears, there is some fun to be had out of the election betting and some of the weird and wacky odds being given by the bookies.

The latest wacky one comes compliments of Paddy Power who is offering odds on who George Lee will upset next!

The Gloomy One has already ruffled some political feathers by calling for the Seanad to be scrapped.

With Lee now gaining as many enemies as he has fans, bookies Paddy Power have opened betting on who the doom and gloom merchant will upset next.

Nightly News’ Vincent Browne is 9/4 to have a run in with Lee while RTE’s Joe Duffy and fellow ‘man of the people’ could have a few cross words at 3/1.

It’s a less likely 12 /1 that Lee will upset the apple cart of fellow economist David McWilliams.

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