Thursday, May 21, 2009

Election Challenge To Wheel 'Em In

We all love an election challenge and the latest one comes from Labour’s Euro candidate Susan O’Keeffe who has challenged Health Minister Mary Harney to take a bus ride with her.

But this is no trip along Route 66, but along the route from Glencolmcille in Co Donegal to Galway - the route that the Minister now wants cancer patients in the North West to take when they need treatment in UCHG.

“I challenge Minister Harney, a healthy woman by all accounts, to come with me and take that bus journey. Give it a go Minister,” said Susan.

“Afterwards, tell us if you still think that it is appropriate that, say an elderly patient requiring cancer care, be forced to sit on a bus for hours, before receiving treatment and getting back on the bus for the return journey.”

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