Thursday, October 21, 2010

Council stance is plain idiotic

Baa humbug – that is what we have to say to the spoilsports at Dublin City Council who have decided to break its association with Guinness’ Arthur’s Day.

And the reason? Because of the Day’s association with alcohol.

If this isn’t a case of political correctness gone haywire, I don’t know what is.

Dublin City Council should be proud of the global success that is Guinness and if the Irish ever needed a reason to celebrate its global success, it is in the form of the national drink Guinness.

But the po-faced powers-that-be in Dublin City Council don’t agree and from here on in, the City Council logo will not appear on any banners promoting Arthur’s Day.

Fine Gael Councillor Eoghan Murphy believes such an attitude will have a detrimental effect on the cultural life of the capital.

“If there is a concern about over indulgent behaviour at such events the answer is not to walk away and wash your hands, but to engage and use your involvement and your influence to ensure that the event is run properly.”

He said the Arthur’s Day celebrations were a huge success for the capital, with bands playing in large and small venues around the city.

“No one is advocating alcohol abuse. But at the same time it’s perfectly acceptable that taking a drink be part of our social and cultural occasions,” he said.

I’ll raise a pint of the plain stuff to Cllr Murphy for his common sense approach on this issue!

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