Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poor Pat Puts People To Sleep!

And they say that the business of the Dail isn’t boring?

Tell that to the man who quite literally fell asleep in the visitors’ gallery during Questions to the Taoiseach on Tuesday afternoon.

Because of the goings on in the North of Ireland, Taoiseach Brian Cowen wasn’t in the Dail on Tuesday so his role for Questions to the Taoiseach was taken by Chief Whip Pat Carey.

As Pat spoke about the census and what will and will not be included in it, one man sitting right at the front of the public gallery found it a bit too taxing and promptly fell asleep.

A vigilant Dail usher managed to wake the man but minutes later, he was asleep again and had a right hold snooze until Pat Carey’s business was over and done with.

It was former Labour leader Pat Rabbitte who once famously claimed that ‘only drunks and insomniacs’ watched late-night parliamentary TV coverage.

Have things gotten so bad now that the goings-on in the Dail are an instant cure for insomniacs?!

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