Thursday, December 10, 2009

Text message is all above Border

It is amazing what some Fianna Fail senators can achieve - Cecilia Keaveney has managed to get Vodafone to drop the word ‘Ireland’ in its roaming message!!

Currently when people on the Vodafone UK network cross over the border from the North into the Republic, they automatically receive a message from Vodafone saying ‘Welcome to Ireland. Calls cost ....etc’.

Celilia’s attention was brought to this message by a number of people because they were offended by it.

“They felt that they had never left Ireland,” she said.

So Cecilia put on her politician’s hat and had it out with Vodafone and - guess what - she succeeded.

Technicians are currently updating the message sent to customers which will read ‘You are now roaming and costs are as follows.....’.

“This is a much more satisfactory approach in this era of cross border co-operation,” she said.

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