Thursday, December 10, 2009

Former diplomat to run for Governor

The former American Ambassador to Ireland - Tom Foley - is on the run again!! This time for the title of Governor of Connecticut in 2010.

Foley was a popular Ambassador in diplomatic circles when he was in Dublin and did great work in ensuring the American role in the Irish peace process was kept visible.

Foley had originally decided to run for the US Senate seat currently held by Chris Dodd, but that race has turned very tough.

Instead, Foley - who was a major fundraiser for former US President George W Bush - will now run for governor after incumbent Republican Jodi Rell announced she would not be seeking reelection.

And the reaction from the American public has been excellent.

"Last week, I announced that I was looking at the race for Governor. Since then, I have had hundreds of e-mails from supporters and have spoken to over one hundred people - including many who are currently serving in our state government.”

"They have overwhelmingly encouraged me to run for Governor,” he said.

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