Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick March - Fine Gael style!

The press machine inside Fine Gael HQ has always been a tightly run operation – in fact, they never miss a trick.

But things are set to take on an almost ‘military-like’ approach with the arrival into the ranks of the party’s new Deputy Director of Communications – none other than former Defence Forces Press Officer Commandant Feargal Purcell.

Feargal has decided to leave his 18-year career in the Defence Forces to join Fine Gael as they begin their march on Government office.

And he wouldn’t be the first former Army man to make the leap from action man to spin-meister – current Government Press Secretary Eoin O’Neachtain is a former Army Press Officer with distinguished services behind him as well.

Feargal, a native of Kilkenny, is no stranger to in-fighting, hidden landmines and crossfire (he served four tours of duty overseas in places such as Lebanon and Bosnia) so he should fit into the Fine Gael press operation with no problem.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny is delighted that Feargal made the leap from defending the country to defending Fine Gael.

“I know that Feargal will bring a sense of enthusiasm and a range of different experiences to the job,” he said this week.

“As Fine Gael prepares itself for the upcoming local and European elections, and the next general election whenever that may happen, the addition of Feargal to our team is a clear sign of our intention to be ready for all the challenges that lie ahead of us,” he said.

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